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Brand Promotion

In 2017, the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province released 360 internationally renowned brands that were cultivated and developed in Jiangsu Province in 2017-2019 (including 117 machines, machinery and parts, 62 textile raw materials and products, and 47 chemicals, 42 base metal and products, 20 miscellaneous products, 17 plastics, rubber and products, 14 vehicles and ships, 10 food and processed products, 8 ceramics, glass and products, 6 wood and products, 6 optics and metering equipment, 4 shoes and hats, etc. 3 live animals and products, 3 wood pulp, paper and products, 1 plant product.)39 enterprises are leading international brands that are cultivated and developed in Jiangsu Province. We have established a promotion platform on website called Jiangsu Foreign Trade Autonomous Export Brand to introduce 360 brands about situation of enterprises, products and market.