Measures About Resumption Work in JIANGSU

As the COVID-19 outbreak has had a fundamental impact on Chinas economy, many business sectors have been hit in various ways. In order to give you a better understanding of the current situation in all respective business area, we have translate some measures taken by government in Jiangsu to help enterprises for resumption work .

Some measures taken by Wuxi City.

Increase Support for Credit Guarantee. For the short-term goods trade insurance or pre-export additional insurance insured by the enterprises of our city at their own expense during the period of WHO's PHEIC certification, a subsidy of up to 30% will be paid based on the actual premium paid.

Increase Support for Participation for Exhibitions. If the enterprises in our city are unable to participate in overseas exhibitions due to the epidemic situation, and the exhibition expenses are paid before the epidemic response period, and actual losses occur, subsidies not exceeding 50% of the actual expenditures will be given. For the enterprises of our city that actually went abroad to participate in various exhibitions that year, the proportion of booth fee support uniformly increased to no more than 80%. Organize online exhibitions to help companies expand their markets. Appropriate subsidies will be given to foreign trade enterprises that are affected by the epidemic and have difficulty in operating and have serious losses.

Increase Legal Aid.Help the affected enterprises to obtain the factual evidence of the epidemic situation, and actively provide legal assistance to the enterprises affected by the epidemic situation which caused economic disputes such as contract breach. Affected by factors such as force majeure of the epidemic, and the occurrence of dishonesty such as incomplete production orders or unsuccessful product delivery, the company adopted a convenient credit repair process to help enterprises avoid the risk of dishonesty.

Nanjing Customs

Support Jiangsu Food and Agricultural Products Enterprises to Expand Exports.We will follow up and guide the export food and agricultural products enterprises that have resumed production and production in a timely manner, and assist the enterprises to improve the level of self-inspection and control, and open up foreign markets. Guide export food and agricultural product enterprises to properly respond to temporary restrictions imposed by foreign countries to reduce export losses. Classification management, online review, and corporate commitments are used to implement supervision to ensure the normal export of enterprises.

Increase support for tax collection and management.For imported protective clothing, medical goggles, negative pressure ambulances, related drugs and other epidemic prevention and control materials, priority is given to tax exemption procedures. Actively implement the state's tax reduction and preferential tax policies for imports, and support the expansion of imports of high-end equipment, key parts and components and important raw materials.